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Life Of Pod

Name: Pod             Hobby: Playing computer games
Age : 25              Favorite Food: Pizza
Birthday: 15 May          Favorite Movie: Rogue One – A Star Wars Story
Relationship Status: Single

Hi my name is Pod. I work at URSIDEKICK.
I really like what I do because it is all to do with helping people. Everyday interesting people with amazing companies call me and ask me for my services. I’m a techie so I can solve all their techie problems! With me supporting them, they are able to fully focus on their core business.
Its amazing how a business can grow when it harnesses available technology. I can help you to increase marketing activities, build an online presence, manage tasks more efficiently, get insights using analytics and support you with all your data backup, email services and other tools that I’m sure you find really boring to read about. I really like to talk to people so even if you don’t have a requirement right away, please take a moment to chat with me and let me know how your day is going!